About Diana Petersen

Diana Petersen

Diana Petersen

Diana Petersen uses her experience in interior design to create beautiful and unique pieces of furniture.  Some classic pieces are refurbished – taken back to their former beauty.  However, most are given a completely new lease of life using vibrant colours and elegant finishing touches that their originators would never have dreamt of.

Diana uses her knowledge of colours, tones and design to create individual pieces of furniture with her own interpretation of the shabby chic style.  The furniture, pictures and soft furnishings you’ll find here on our web-site and at our showroom in Daventry exhibit a classic feminine beauty which we hope will grace any home.

Pink Wall-hung Shabby Chic Cupboard

Pink Wall-hung Cupboard

But what is Shabby Chic?

The “Shabby Chic” style combines classic pieces chosen for their age and signs of wear and tear with newer items which are painted and distressed too create an unassuming look of good taste. The style has a distictive yet soft, minimalistic, and feminine feel.